When my baby’s beside me…

11 Dec

Weekends are often when I get up early and go out on a training ride or (less often) a permanent or brevet; lately though, I’ve been happy to sleep in a bit and then head out on my single-speed to capture the dwindling day-light with my partner in crime who has grown more enthusiastic about cycling together. I’ve been s l o w l y taking her further out, and helping her grow more comfortable with night riding, traffic, and other obstacles. I remember the first time I rode 30 miles, and how this seemed like an amazing distance at the time! So I’m very impressed with Rachel for joining me on a leisurely 27+ mile jaunt out to Canoga Park and back…returning home in good spirits without undue fatigue.

Some scenes from an earlier ride:

...smirking as we pass by a mural

Life in the Slow Lane...

...chasing down a commuter, or just trying to beat the rain to the river path?

Maybe not the most descriptive "lost dog" sign I've encountered...


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